Friday, February 1, 2013

Living, Practicing and Spreading the Green Life

At Lord and Lady Construction one of our goals is to help homeowners build, remodel or fix problems in an eco-friendly way, making healthier choices for their families and the planet!  There are so many choices, so many options, standard materials or eco-friendly - from windows to caulk to insulation and more, all seemingly the “right” choices, with prices on all scales.  We work to help you navigate through these choices, educating you about all of them, so you can make informed
decisions on what are the right ones for your family.

Here at Lord and Lady being an eco-construction company is more than a saying, it’s a way of life.  Our founders, Thomas and Laura Cavendish, are not just eco-builders, they’re modern homesteaders: eating organically, raising livestock, farming and more.  Living and breathing this lifestyle, working everyday towards it, gives them a deeper understanding of your eco-choices, from construction to gardening.

Sometimes these choices can be intimidating and overwhelming or seem too expensive.  However, some choices are simple, like responsibly disposing of the waste from your project.  At Lord and Lady, we proudly keep almost all of our job waste out of landfills, through sorting,
recycling, donations and reuse.

Thomas has a background in green living, having grown up in England, raising animals and vegetables since he was born.  Laura grew up in Michigan, with her closest ties to nature being through her grandmother who was very active in the Garden Club.  Apart from that, Laura’s life growing up, was far from the lifestyle she now leads, reinforcing that even if you’ve spent your life eating fast food and hot dogs, that change is possible, one step at a time.

We feel that one of the most important things to remember when making eco-choices, is that no one
can do everything all at once.  Rather than bog yourself down trying to do every green thing you hear about, just pick one thing that seems easy or important to you and do that.  Do that one thing until it’s normal, then pick something else to try.  One step at a time, you can change your life!  Here are a some ideas you could start with:

Recycle.  Paper, plastic, batteries, styrofoam, electronics.  It will not only help you realize what you consume, it will also reduce your waste, which can reduce your trash bill.

Use Energy Efficient Lighting.  About 11% of your energy bill is dedicated to lighting, changing to CFL bulbs can reduce this consumption by 50-75%!

Use VOC-free paints. That awful smell with regular paints comes from VOC’s like formaldehyde, carcinogens, neurotoxins and other irritants.  Using paints free of these toxins is an easy way to help you and your family breathe easier!

Use Shades.  Help your house hold its temperature.  Close shades in the summer and open them on sunny days in winter! 

Build with Green Choices.  This will lower your utility bills, protect the planet and conquer health concerns all at once.  Though some green building options are expensive, others are not, like home design and size, so take time to research and discover what even a tight budget can do.